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So Soapy - Brazilian Bombshell


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It’s not a Chunk™! Meet So Soapy™, our ridiculously luxurious soap bar with excessive, natural lather from four kinds of coconut blended with shea butter and palm oil, plus double the indulgent fragrance.

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So Soapy – Brazilian Bombshell


• Next-level pampering and luxury; you won’t want to share this!

• Provides a more luxurious experience with a creamy, cushiony lather that leaves a super soft, non-stripped feeling after use

• Won’t leave a film on your skin after rinsing

• Shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood

• Sustainable palm oil

• Double the amount of indulgent fragrance • Always tallow-free with pampering plant-based base

• Vegan


This playful and sophisticated bath bar features all parts of the coconut to let you indulge in serious luxury. Coconut oil moisturizes, coconut acid cleanses while it soothes, coconut powder nourishes, and coconut milk moisturizes and improves the appearance of elasticity. Together they’re blended with shea butter and sustainable palm oil to provide a creamy, cushiony layer of lather on your skin that hydrates and leaves you feeling soft and supple. It’s also doubly scented with our popular Brazilian Bombshell fragrance of toasted Brazil nut, coconut cream, and vanilla.


Toasted Brazil nut, coconut cream, and vanilla



Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer for your skin

• Coconut acid is rich in lauric acid, which helps cleanse and soothe skin

• Coconut powder is rich in vitamins A, B6, C, & E which nourish skin, providing the appearance of more elasticity

• Coconut milk is soothing, moisturizing, and also improves the appearance of skin’s elasticity and flexibility

• Sustainable palm oil adds moisture and provides a more effective clean; it won’t leave a film on skin after rinsing

• Shea butter from our Shea Sisterhood provides rich moisture

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