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posh 7 products

You can pick up 7 products for just $70. How lucky is that?! Mint Condition™ Giant Lip Balm, Impish Eyes™, Bare It All™ Tonic, and Ain’t That the Youth™ Hand Crème are just a few of the many products you and your customers can save on! 

Starts March 28th – 31st 

Buy 7 Products for $70

Once you add 7 qualifying products to your cart, the price will automatically be adjusted to $70.

Want 7 more? Go for it! Shop as much as you want; every time you hit a multiple of 7 products in your cart (7, 14, 21, etc.) the 7 for $70 promotion will apply.






  • Get Primed
  • Vial Lip Shade Mocha Me
  • Vial Lip Shade Love the Wine You’re With
  • Vial Lip Shade Truth or Dare
  • Vial Lip Shade Stop Blushing
  • Vial Lip Shade Beyond the Pale
  • Vial Lip Shade Posh Pink
  • Vial Lip Shade You Sleigh Me
  • Vial Lip Shade I’m Touched
  • Vial Lip Shade Get Some
  • Vial Lip Shade Against a Wall
  • Vial Lip Shade Don’t Be Cordial
  • Vial Lip Shade In The Dark
  • Vial Lip Shade Leaf Me Alone
  • Vial Top Coat Decked Out
  • Vial Top Coat Oh My Fleck
  • Vial Top Coat Sheerly You Jest
  • Vial Top Coat Wanna Be On Top
  • Vial Lip Shade Fuschia Looks Bright
  • Vial Lip Shade Galaxy Did You Planet
  • Vial Lip Shade Galaxy Amazing Space
  • Lil Snarky Perfume Roller
  • Lil Snarky Fizi 3pk
  • So Soapy Lil Snarky Soap
  • Hips Don’t Lie Caffeinated Body Creme
  • Good Hydrations In Shower Lotion
  • Impish Eyes De-Puffing Eye Serum
  • Classic Pink Heaven Snarky Bar
  • Ain’t that the Youth BFYHC
  • Whole Lava Love Facial Exfoliator
  • Too Hot To Spot Blemish Creme
  • Smoocheroo Mega Lip Plumper
  • Glare Be So Gold Liquid Eye-Lighter
  • Glare Silver Screen Liquid Eye-Lighter
  • Toes Before Bros Foot Mask
  • Bare It All Simple Micellar Tonic
  • Season to be Freezin’ Body Polish
  • Just Chillin Giant Cooling Skin Stick
  • It’s a Fall World, Afterall Fizi 3-Pack
  • Show and Gel Hydrating Body Gel
  • Santa’s Little Healer Skin Stick
  • Envy This Face Mask
  • All I’ve Avo Wanted Face Mask
  • Hot and Gold Face Mask
  • Mint Condition Unisex Lip Balm
  • The Perk Skin Stick
  • The Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick
  • Jam Packed Antioxidant Body Butter
  • You Apricaught Me! Body Polish
  • Bare It All Simple Micellar Tonic
  • Pore Chores Face Mask
  • Sleepy Sleep AMU


Additional Info:

Sale Dates: March 28 at 10 AM (MT) – March 31 at 11:59 PM (PT)



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