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Perfectly Posh Discontinued Products

Below is a list of Perfectly Posh Products that have been discontinued and no longer available online.

Retired & Discontinued Products:

• All Set™ Coconut Makeup Setting Spray
• Beach Blanket™ Body Scrub
• Beach Hair, Don’t Care™ Sea Salt Spray
• Bronzed Broad™ Bronzer (Large)
• Bronzed Broad™ Bronzer (Small)
• Buff Around the Edges™ Body Polish
• Call Me Bougie™ Perfume Crayon
• Calling All Fairies™ Face Mask
• Catch Me If You Tan™ Sunning Body Balm
• Exsqueeze Me™ Super C Toner
• Grow Away™ Post-Shaving Serum
• It’s a Fall World After All™ Fízi 3-Pack
• Love You Snow Much™ O2 Bubbling Face Mask
• Maiden Voyage™ Liquid Highlighter
• Pinking Out Loud™ Liquid Highlighter
• Working Pearl™ Liquid Highlighter
• Mist & Shout™ Rose Water Spray
• One Night Strand™ Hair and Scalp Mask
• Pearlfectionist™ Face Mask
• Pineapple Pick-Me-Up™ Face Mask
• PJs All Day™ Sugar Body Scrub
• Puttin’ on the Spritz™ Hair Shimmer Spray
• Santa’s Little Healer™ Skin Stick
• Set the Tone™ Balancing Toner
• Smoocheroo™ Mega Lip Plumper
• ‘Tis the Season to Be Freezin’™ Body Polish
• To Beard or Not to Beard™ Gel to Water Hydrating Serum
• To Beard or Not to Beard™ Shaving Cream Chunk
• Tressed to Impress™ Conditioner
• You Apricaught Me!™ Dry Body Oil
• You Could Use a Hug™ Chunk Bath Bar
• You’re in Luxe™ Body Luminizer
• Sheerly You Jest Vial™ Top Coat
• Leaf Me Alone Vial™ Lip Shade
• In the Dark Vial™ Lip Shade

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